What We Do

We bring together all aspects of analytics value chain to drive business strategy.

Data Management

Data Assets
Data Marts


What happened and why is that happening
What is the problem and where is the problem
Where is the opportunity and What will happen if the trend continue


Build intuitive interfaces and Save time with pre-built lenses
Inbuilt query generation tool
Bird-eye and granular views serving business units at all levels

Predictive Modeling

What is likely to happen
What is the value of each customer


How can we optimize spend
How can we increase ROI
What should be our product strategy

Machine Learning

Feature Engineering with high-performing transformed variables
Expert team delivering models in quick turnaround time

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What we Deliver

At Saarthee, we are driven by our core desire to partner with our clients’ success by delivering data-driven actionable insights through accelerated analytics. Our diverse team of highly skilled data scientists around the globe help us execute the process of systematically analyzing data and finding patterns in a very short turnaround time.

  • National Analytics Tool
  • Sales Efficiency
  • Market Playbook
  • Likely to purchase product
  • Direct mail response
  • Sales rep productivity.
  • Incentive Impact
  • Media Mix modelling
  • Customer Segmentation

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Case Studies

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  • Product Strategy
  • Sales Efficiency
  • Market Playbook
amazing caves coverimage


  • Sales Rep Productivity
  • Incentive impact

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